Emi Hazlett is Celebrating Dutch Architecture Through Her Paper Art

There’s something truly magical about Dutch art, and living in Amsterdam isn’t stopping Emi Hazlett from being wowed by it every day. This paper artist decided to immortalize her love for Dutch architecture by creating 3D paper cutouts inspired by some of the most beautiful buildings in her hometown.

Hazlett is a professional designer, with ten years of experience under her belt. She now specializes in crafting different objects, scenes, and scenarios out of paper, but how did she decide to pursue this creative calling?

“Over the first lockdown she decided to make the house she could see from her window out of paper, and the love for recreating buildings was born. Her biggest passion is the tiny details, along with the knowledge that she can create something completely unique for someone,” she explains on her official website Paper Emi.

Like her very first paper cutout, Hazlett’s art is mostly inspired by Dutch architecture, with a special focus on the canal houses surrounding her home in Amsterdam.

Her process is pretty complex, and it starts with photographing the buildings, before designing each one digitally. Once that’s done, she cuts the paper on her plotter before folding it to shape and assembling each of her paper buildings by hand, making sure to use high-quality textured paper each time.