Ece Caglayan Prepares Tiny Turkish Dishes In Her Miniature Kitchen

What happens when you combine a passion for food with a love for all things little? Instagram page “Mini Yemek” could give us a clue. Run by Ece Caglayan, it showcases the tiniest of meals prepared in the tiniest of kitchens.

“Mini yemek (or minyatur yemek) means mini food,” Caglayan explained in an interview with The Daily Mini. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, she has her own mini kitchen – in a scale of 1:12 – equipped with everything she needs.

Her dishes include traditional Turkish food, all made with entirely edible ingredients. “Turkish food is magnificent and it’s so much more than just kebab! ” she added. “There are lots of materials and cooking techniques.” According to Caglayan, her practice allows her to introduce Turkish cuisine to the world in a fun way.

Aside from her buzzing Instagram page, she also has a YouTube channel, where she shares miniature food tutorials. In fact, it was food videos that sparked the inspiration for her page in the first place. “I love watching miniature cooking videos,” she says. “When I saw that no one from my country had made such videos, I wanted to be the first to do it and I achieved this goal.”

Peek inside her miniature kitchen: