Dad Living With Five Daughters Draws Them in His “Unbelievably Bad” Comics

Can you imagine being the only guy in a house full of five girls? It must be difficult and James Breakwell documents the family’s never-ending adventures in his Unbelievably Bad Webcomics.

If the name didn’t say it all, the comics feature stick figures that were inspired by the ones shown on public restroom doors and the lack of artistic ability makes them all the more relatable. The illustrations tell the story of Breakwell’s life living with his wife and four daughters.

“Everybody’s kids are weird and my comics celebrate that,” Breakwell told Bored Panda, continuing that “anyone who says they have normal children is lying.”

The father said that his girls aren’t impressed with his work and that they know which figures represent each of them. His wife even checks his social media feeds to see “what new shame I’ve brought on our family.”

Breakwell admits that he doesn’t spend much time drawing, instead, he uses the time to come up with jokes which means paying attention to what’s happening around him in his house at the time that he’s drawing.

He’s even released a new children’s book titled Prance Like No One’s Watching, A Guided Journal for Exploding Unicorns, which teaches kids to find inspiration in their everyday lives and to turn it into comics or jokes.