Creative Designer Makes Personalized Face Masks

Designer Danielle Baskin had an interesting idea about how to solve a problem many people are facing now that face masks are a requirement. Many devices, starting from our smartphones, have a face recognition feature that lets them unlock without contact, and this is impossible when half of your face is covered with a mask.

Baskin’s idea includes printing a photo of your face on the mask so that you still look like yourself when you wear it. She uses machine-washable cotton to make the masks so they’re nice and gentle against your face. And if you like the idea but don’t want to provide your own photo, her company Maskalike can print you a mask with a Hide the Pain Harold‘s face on it, so that you can “look permanently uncomfortable, trying to be happy”.

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Wearing my second face. #maskalike #selfiemask

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Would you wear a mask with your face printed on it or do you think it’s a bit too much? We believe it could really be useful in some situations but we have yet to see how popular Baskin’s product will become.