Couple Makes Adorable Felted Beds for Cats

Ukrainian crafter, Kateryna Onopriienko, joined hands with her husband to create the meowfelt shop, where they sell tiny felted homes for cats. Their love for felt started a few years ago when they adopted their kitten, Tara, and thought it would be great to make a private space only for her.

Kateryna uses felt to make clothes and toys, so it was only natural to use it as material for their cat’s bed. This is how their first cat bed came to be. Although it was shaped funny, not quite strong and of dubious quality, Tara loved it. They were really touched to see their adorable kitten peacefully sleeping in her bed.

The couple was so inspired by this, they decided to keep making new cat beds not only for their cat, but for any cat in the world. With each new bed they made, they improved their skills, designs, and quality. It became important for them to make cat beds that were not only functional for cats but also original and interesting for people.