Coca-Cola’s New Drink is Inspired by Space

Did you ever want to taste outerspace? Well, now you will get a chance thanks to Coca-Cola’s new limited-edition drink called “Starlight” inspired, you’ve guessed it, by space.

Announcing the product earlier this week, Coca-Cola described the drink as “signature Coca‑Cola taste” blended with “unexpected touches, including a reddish hue and cooling taste sensation evoking the feeling of a journey to space.”

Don’t worry if you are confused by this description; it appears everyone is. Luckily, the online community has already got its hands on Coca-Cola Starlight and is sharing its first impressions.

According to one reviewer, the Coca-Cola Starlight actually tastes like regular Coca-Cola with an added fruity flavor. Another one said it has a candy-like taste although both agreed that it did provide some kind of “cooling taste sensation” that the company promised.

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Coca-Cola also presented a Coca-Cola Starlight Zero Sugar, meaning that there is no added sugar. This led to even more mixed opinions about the taste, with one TikTok user comparing it to flowers and then marshmallows. Sounds legit if you ask us.

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While the internet did its best to describe the taste of Coca-Cola Starlight, there is a lack of consensus. This is why you should try it yourself since the drink is already on the shelves of all major stores in the United States. However, it won’t stay there for a long time as the company doesn’t have plans to make it a mainstay in their flavor lineup.