Clinical Pharmacist Makes Healthy Diabetic-Friendly Desserts

Karine Wong is a clinical pharmacist, a businesswoman, and the creator of My Guiltless Treats, a company that makes delicious and healthy desserts.

It all began back in 2013 when she was teaching a patient with uncontrolled diabetes how to use insulin, calculate his insulin doses, and what to eat. But he wasn’t agreeing with the new diet.

“That was my ‘a-ha’ moment,” she said in an interview for VoyageLA. “I realized that management of diabetes will always be a problem until we can offer foods that are delicious and diabetic-friendly… And we need to make it affordable.”

She first made sweet protein gummies with no sugar. However, the gummies had no flavor and after three months, they became too stiff to chew. Five years later, her partner left, and the struggles began. But she didn’t want to dissolve the company. Soon she came up with the coconut panna cotta.

“The coconut panna cotta is my signature product line. The soft flan-like coconut dessert is layered over mango, guava, or pineapple bits. The tropical flavors have 5 to 7 grams of casein (milk protein without lactose) and are low in carbs. They also have no soy, egg, or gluten,” she added.

A year later, she launched her best-selling product among vegans and chocoholics, the chocolate panna cotta.