Check Out These “Dadvice” Videos That Teach Adults Life Lessons

At the young age of 14, Rob Kenney’s father left their family, and Kenney was left trying to answer the basic questions in life without a father figure. Now a father to two adult children, Kenney had the idea to start a video series for young adults on how to do the basic things that a parent teaches their kids.

He’s had the idea for a while but decided to actually conceptualize the idea when quarantine started, and with his family’s help, he started the Youtube channel, Dad, How Do I? To date, the channel has over 2.2 million subscribers and his first video, “How to tie a tie” has over 700,000 views.

The tagline for the channel is “Practical ‘Dadvice’ for everyday tasks,” which describes the videos perfectly. Following the success of his first video, Kenney published more videos with useful topics, and the videos are around five minutes long or less. The topics include life skills like shaving your face and ironing your shirt, as well as car maintenance tips like checking the air pressures in your tires and jump-starting a car. He even has household tips covered like unclogging a sink and using a stud finder.

Although he created the videos with the intention of helping teens without parental figures, it’s the type of useful information we could all use when we’re in a bind because who hasn’t had a flat tire and had to call a friend or AAA to help them out?

Check out more of Kenney’s videos below.