Beatrix Papp’s Illustrations Show Just How Addicted We are to Our Phones

Graphic designer Beatrix Papp drew a series of fun illustrations that show our relationship with our phones. The artist often illustrates scenes from life or draws cute animals, but this illustration series drew our attention.

“We use our phones, tablets, and notebooks everywhere in our lives. I try finding those moments when we can see their ubiquitousness as funny and likable,” she tells Bored Panda

Unlike some other artists who used a similar theme in order to criticize human behavior, Papp tries to find the cute moments that simply show how phones are a normal part of our everyday lives. Still, the result is a bittersweet feeling we get when we realize how far it’s gone—it’s virtually impossible to do anything without a phone anymore, even simple tasks like eating or playing with pets.

Scroll down to see these illustrations and make sure to follow Papp on Instagram for more. She doesn’t have a lot of followers yet, but we’re sure more people are going to discover her very soon.