Baker is Transforming Fortune Cookies into Vibrant Works of Art

Most people who adore fortune cookies aren’t in love with their taste, but the inspirational messages they contain. You may change your mind about them after seeing the beautiful creations by Melbourne-based baker Raymond Tan.

His fortune cookies look like true works of art, and we wouldn’t blame you if you felt bad about breaking them in half to get the tiny piece of paper out. He obviously puts a lot of effort into each one and enjoys experimenting with different colors, toppings and details.

Ray Ray’s fortune cookies are custom made, and it’s truly amazing to see the color combinations he comes up with while making separate batches. The cookies are available for order on his official website, but it’s only possible to order at least 50 at once.

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To make the whole thing amazing, fortune cookies aren’t the only reason why his Instagram page has over 275,000 followers. His cake-popsicles are even a bigger hit, and he also makes everything from birthday and wedding cakes to colorful donuts.