Artists Collaborate to Create Inspiring Mural Dedicated to Stray Dogs

Gone are the days when street art was considered to be a nuisance – an art that was reserved only for the delinquents and deviants of society. These days, street artists are widely respected.

This is because, street art, when used right, can help bring attention to a lot of important issues. For example, the mass killing of dogs and the lack of interest in adopting shelter dogs.

During the Mural Fest in Tirana, Albania, artists worked together to create a mural dedicated to help shed some light to the struggles of those who can’t speak for themselves – the stray dogs of the world. The result? A mural that skillfully blends with the surrounding landscape and architecture.

One of the brains behind the artwork is Mots, a street artist, painter, and illustrator from Porto. For more of his inspiring work, make sure to check him out on Instagram.