Artist Upcycled 3000 Kilos of Clothes into an Art Installation

Suzie Blake describes herself as a mother, an artist, and a feminist. Lately, she upcycled 3000 kilograms of clothing destined for landfill into an art installation. The idea was born last year, right just after Christmas.

Blood Mountain is a sculptural installation featuring a 3-meter-high mound of red clothing and apparel,” Blake shared on Bored Panda. “Upon closer inspection t-shirts with feminist slogans like ‘Girl Power’ and ‘The Future Is Female’ can be seen poking through the debris. Fashion items, once hung in pristine department stores, now presented as a giant pile of landfill.”

According to the artist, she created the Blood Mountain installation in response to the fast fashion industry piggybacking on the feminist movement.

Scroll down and take a look at her project below.