Artist Paints Beautiful Flowery Fields Inspired By The Countryside

If spring is your favorite season, then you will love what Therese O’Keeffe from Ireland is doing. She is a painter who creates beautiful oil paintings of indoor scenes, gardens, and streetscapes of towns and villages in Munster. Her artistic journey began as a hobby, but soon it turned into something bigger.

“Painting flowers allows me to interpret natural beauty creatively,” the artist told My Modern Met, “and flowers give me the freedom to take artistic license to explore abstract and Impressionist styles in an intuitive way.”

With a paintbrush and a palette knife, O’Keeffe applies thick pigment to the canvas and creates magical and colorful fields of flowers. You can feel the layers of color which give the 2D canvases a 3D look.

“I paint in oils,” she added, “so each layer has to dry before I paint over it and to create the light and dark shadows that make a painting stand out.”

Scroll down an take a look at her beautiful flower fields below.