Artist Imagined Baby Yoda As A Disney Princesses And The Result Is Hilarious

The internet is still not getting bored with the adorable face of Baby Yoda, and each day more and more memes, images, and videos are made of him.

If you didn’t know, the wise and powerful Yoda is a character in the Star Wars franchise and has been one of the favorites. In the new Disney+ series The Mandalorian, there’s a new Yoda but it’s a cute baby version, which makea the internet explode!

Seeing how the internet is still crazy about mini Yoda, writer and illustrator Crystal Ro decided she would also create something related to him, so she imagined him as Disney Princesses. What a brilliant idea, merging two of the people’s favorite things!

“I drew Baby Yoda as Disney Princesses because why wouldn’t I?” the artist wrote on her Instagram profile.

From Cinderella, and Belle to Jasmin and Ariel, Baby Yoda got to wear the perfect, dream-come-true princess dresses. To see her illustrations, make sure you follow the arrows in the post.

Has he got to be transformed into your favorite Disney Princess?