Artist Handcrafts Rough and Meaningful Jewelry

Jewelry designer Naida C. Castel doesn’t wish to impose herself on the materials she works with but, rather, lets the materials lead her in her quest for imperfection. The result is, what she calls “rough and meaningful jewelry.” Slow handcrafted in Barcelona, her pieces feel very much personal – something you might want to pass on to your children.

Inspired by raw gemstones, flowers, and textures, she admires beauty in all of its forms. “She believes there is a fascinating mystery to life and the things around her,” reads her website. “With a female perspective on the world, she defends the true nature of things.”

Having studied art and product design, she’s since been on the move, traveling as much as she can, and experiencing new cultures while meeting new people. These experienced are later translated through her original pieces.

Based on small productions and handmade or modeled materials, her jewelry studio also pays attention to the environment by recycling unused metals. You can admire some of her creations in the gallery below: