Melissa Jackson Creates Tiny Clay Versions of Regular Food

Every artist has their own gimmick, but some artists take their ideas further than others. One particular artist who took their concept to a truly mind-blowing extreme was Melissa Jackson, who specializes in creating miniature versions of all sorts of food items.

Melissa uses clay to make tiny replicas of normal things you eat all the time, such as a salad from Olive Garden, a pizza pie, a bowl of Lucky Charms, an ice cream cone, and countless other things. The more you look through her large array of tiny items, the more impressive it gets.

Sometimes the best thing you can do to break through the noise is to find a niche for yourself that no one else does. That’s exactly what Melissa has done with her tiny clay food items, and her 34,000-plus followers are here every step of the way.

The best part about looking at her posts is when you look at the hand holding the clay figure, and realize that the hand looks enormous. This contrast is where it becomes clear how impressive Melissa’s work is, and why she’s a true professional in her field. If you consider yourself a fan of her work, give her a follow as well.