Artist Creates Jewelry Inspired by Nature and Fantasy

Dorota Kaszczyszyn is a self-taught artist who sculpts, draws, and paints. This multi-talented artist also enjoys making adorable jewelry from polymer clay.

She got interested in polymer clay sculpting back in kindergarten, but only in 2010 she decided to turn it into a full time job. Beside jewelry, Dorota also makes little sculptures, figurines and dolls.

β€œThe technique that I use most often is sculpting,” the artist revealed. β€œI love to carve tiny details in my works. The main source of inspiration for me is the shapes and colors of nature, especially the world of animals. But there are also fantasy worlds, legends, fairytales, and fantastic creatures.”

Dorota shares some of her whimsical creations on her Instagram profile called doroka86. Scroll down and see foryouself.