Artist Creates Beautiful Paintings Inspired by Bulgarian Folklore

Simona Ruscheva is a Bulgarian artist who is fascinated by symbolism, myths, ancient history, and occultism. In her work, she creates art pieces inspired by Bulgarian mythology and folklore. Although, she uses different symbols in her paintings the main symbol in her creations is the symbol of the mother-goddess.

“One of the main ones I use is the symbol of the mother-goddess, which can be expressed in an infinite number of ways,” the artist told Bizzarre. “The way I make use of it is of an energy source, where the thread of life comes from and encircles everything with the life spark. This is female energy in general, which all give, nurturing and life forming.”

You can find Ruscheva’s work on her personal website and on her Instagram profile where she has attracted over two thousand followers.

Scroll down and take a look at her Instagram gallery below.