Artist Creates Art From Faces He Claims to See Everywhere

It’s not unusual to see faces in everyday objects; it’s probably happened to you before, and it’s normal.

After all, things such as wall plugs, switches, trash bins, and shoes, can look pretty much like a face unless you do a double-take. But, what is most unusual is trying to create art out of them.

Then again, we can’t know what’s going on in the minds of artists.

Keith Larsen of thefaceswithinplaces Instagram account is a good example of an artist who draws inspiration from literally everywhere.

Just as the handle of his Instagram page implies, Keith Larsen creates characters of the faces that he sees, even going as far as to write poems for each of them.

The results? They’re interesting, to say the least.

Be sure to scroll down below to see exactly what we mean.

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Does anyone else think this when their toast pops up?

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