Artist Colorized Mugshots of 1930s Criminals To Bring Them to Life

Often, the media’s subject for colorization is old movies and other famous photographs. Very rarely do we see the “ugly” side of the past, like mugshots of criminals from nearly a century ago.

For Ireland-based artist, Matt Loughrey, these types of photos presented to be the perfect subject for his latest addition to his My Colorful Pastproject.

Taking mugshots directly from a police identification book that date all the way back to the 1930s, Matt Loughrey is able to bring to life a rogue’s gallery of people who served time in the past for various reasons, ranging from begging to breaking and entering, theft, and pickpocketing.

The end result is stunning, to say the least. But, perhaps, more importantly, the photos serve as a great way to educate people of criminals from the past.

Have a look at the photos below.