Artist Captures His Daughter’s Adventures Using Pen and Paper

Reesham Shahab Tirtho is an architect and artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh whom life hit hard. In 2014 he and his wife lost their first child, but four years later, in 2018 their baby girl arrived. Full of happiness and joy,
Tirtho decided to do something special for his little girl: draw the daily life he shared with her.

“I tried to capture the memories of raising a child through my drawings,” wrote the artist on Bored Panda. “So that when our daughter grows up she can go through these memories and know how our lives have been blessed with her.”

In his work, he only uses brush, pen, and ink and Reeshem tries to maintain a sketchbook for this purpose. His style is inspired by traditional Bengali art called “Gazir Pat” and “Patachitra.”

Scroll down to check out some of his work.