Artist Can’t Imagine Her Life Without Her Art

Ukrainian artist Ruslana Golub describes herself as a nature and cat lover who has been creating art since she was a little girl. She specializes in oil, acrylic, and watercolor painting and she can’t imagine her life without her handmade business.

“I find that I’m more drawn to the natural side of things: making things inspired by nature or are made from nature,” the artist shared on her Facebook page. “It gives me an all-around more positive feeling about life – which is kind of all nature, when it comes down to it. Art is my meditation as it is opening my heart and developing my soul.”

When creating her art, Golub’s is trying to weave joy, inspiration, and the positive energy of nature into her masterpieces.

“Each art I create is full of sincerity, great pleasure and love,” she added. “This is what makes my creations unique.”

If you are interested in seeing her paintings, you can check her out on her social media accounts, and Etsy store.