Angelica Lena’s Illustrations Are a Breath of Fresh Air

Angelica Lena’s art is a hybrid of analog and digital work. Though the illustrator and 2D animator relies mainly on Photoshop, her creative process usually begins with a hand-drawn sketch.

“I love the freedom working digitally has,” she told Inky Goodness. “It gives you the chance to make more mistakes, and work faster. And the more mistakes you make, the more you learn.” Still, she says that once in a while she feels the need to go back to analog. “I paint with very diluted acrylic and watercolors,” she says. “But this is mainly for pleasure when I need to chill and feel free from cables and plugs.”

Sharing her time between London and Barcelona, Lena works as a freelancer on a variety of projects; anything from commercials, opening titles, and short films to illustration commissions for independent magazines.

And though it’s still early days for this young creative, having graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in 2016, her selected clients already include some big names like BBC Ideas, Tate Britain, Cambridge University, and Siemens.

Here are some of our favorite pieces by her: