Amy Lincoln’s Acrylic Landscapes Really Pop!

Working her way through color, New York-based artist Amy Lincoln is known for her vibrant acrylic paintings that feature landscapes as well as still life. “I often try to make the color be as vivid as possible, while still modeling a form in light and dark,” she explained in an interview with Maake Magazine.

She admits that color is often the starting point for her paintings. “I’ll try to think of a color combination that I haven’t used before, or think of how I can change certain colors in a landscape so that the value still makes sense for a day or night scene, but the color is something surprising,” she says.

Employing bright acrylic colors, her paintings often portray plants situated against mountains, clouds, or sun rays. Using as few pigment ingredients as possible, Lincoln mixes the colors with a brush on a paper palette. “Using few ingredients makes it easier to remember, and tends to keep the color really bright,” she explains.

Talking about her inspiration, she says that her mom has an incredible garden that has been a big creative outlet for her. “I think growing up next to a beautiful garden with a mom who was very enthusiastic about plants probably influenced my work,” she remarks.

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Houseplant study. Acrylic on paper 8 x 10"

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