Amazing: This Kitty Changed Her Spots Due to a Rare Skin Condition

It was a beautiful spring morning when Nicole Bohm found two kittens with black and white coats, on a farm in Germany. She had no idea that their color would change in the future.

The one named Elli developed a white spot on her back after a while. Her owner was worried about the spot and took her to the vet.

The kitty was eventually diagnosed with vitiligo, a degenerative disease that causes loss of pigmentation. In humans, it causes white patches and this was the case for Elli.

Vitiligo is often associated with other health conditions. Thankfully, Elli had no other issues. Instead, she developed a remarkable coat. It initially appeared as white patches but developed into a different pattern from the tuxedo black fur she once had. Weirdly enough, her sister’s coat didn’t change.

Bohm has a dedicated Instagram account to her color changing cat so you can follow up on her progress. See some of her beautiful photos in the gallery below.