A Time for Healing: Follow Jena Holliday’s Inspiring Instagram Page

Let’s face it, we could all use a little encouragement, and if it comes neatly packaged, all the better. Minneapolis-based illustrator (but she’s really more of a modern-day preacher) Jena Holliday, shares uplifting messages through minimalistic illustrations and quotes. “Love the messy, unedited, broken, in progress parts of you,” reads one handwritten message over pastel pink background. “You can do brave things,” promises another.

According to Holliday, her messages are aimed at other women, encouraging them to tap into what she calls their “God-given gifts.” And with an impressive following on Instagram, women (and men), are clearly tapping in.

“From a young age, I would sketch comic strips and draw people,” recalled Holliday in an interview with Freelance Wisdom, describing her creative upbringing. “I never took it too seriously until after I finished college with a degree in marketing,” she notes. “I decided that I wasn’t really doing what I loved to do, and then after the birth of my first child, I got an insane passion to go for what I always dreamed of.”

Art started taking root again in her heart, and Holliday listened. “I started sketching illustrations and sharing them online,” she says. “At a really wild time, I was pregnant with my second child, I decided to take the leap to freelance and it’s been a thrilling, fulfilling, and adventurous ride,” she adds.

You’d want to join her ride: