5 Viral 2023 Oscars Moments That Broke the Internet

Tems at the 95th Annual Academy Awards, Arrivals in March 2023
Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock (13804196zt) Tems at the 95th Annual Academy Awards, Arrivals in March 2023

We can always count on the Oscars to give us a perfect mix of entrainment and awkwardness, and this year’s ceremony certainly delivered. Now that the dust has settled, let’s look at some of the biggest viral moments that ended up stealing the show.

Hugh Grant’s Cringy Interview

Hugh Grant and Ashely Graham gave a whole new meaning to the word “cringe” with an awkward exchange on Oscar’s red carpet that left the internet divided.

Angela Bassett’s Loss

The field for the best supporting actress was pretty crowded this year, and the viewers weren’t happy with the outcome. Front-runner Angela Bassett missed out on the Oscar once again and her reaction spoke volumes.

Tems’ Dress

We’ve seen several dramatic dresses at the Oscars this year, but Tems’ Lever Couture gown caused the most commotion because its dramatic headpiece obscured the view for everyone around her.

Andrew Garfield’s Silly Reaction

We can count on every major award show to give us a meme-worthy reaction image that we’ll be using for years to come, and that honor belonged to Andrew Garfield this time around.

Ke Huy Quan’s Speech

Ke Huy Quan gave us several viral moments this award season, but nothing beats “Mom, I just won an Oscar” from his acceptance speech at the Oscars.