30 Cats Live in Harmony with an Owl at Hukulou Coffee

If you thought it’s impossible for cats and owls to live in harmony and become BFFs – think again. That’s exactly what’s going on at Hukulou Coffee – home to over two dozens of cats and one adorable owl named Huku.

Hukulou Coffee is one of the best places in Osaka for animal lovers, but there’s something that separates it from many establishments of this kind. Despite the fact it’s defined as a cat café and houses around 30 kitties, an owl is its main attraction.

Huku became an unofficial president of Hukulou Coffee after befriending one of the cats, named Marimo. The two were inseparable from that point on, and their incredible friendship became the building block of this café.

Hukulou Coffee is best known as home to Huku and its feline friends, but these aren’t the only animals that live here. It also became a sanctuary to rabbits, hedgehogs, and ferrets, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see it welcome other animals in the years to come.