29-Year-Old Artist Illustrates Her Life With ADHD

Pina is a German-based artist who has been diagnosed with ADHD for a while now. The 29-year-old freelance illustrator and visual development artist for animation created a comic dedicated to her illness.

“I make comics explaining how it feels to have ADHD for ADHD Aliens and their partners/families,” the artist shared with Patreon. “I’ve been frustrated for so long with the stigma and misconceptions people have about ADHD that I felt I had to share whatever I know about it.”

According to the artist she needs around three days to research, write, layout and draw a three-page comic.

“I would like to be keep making comics despite having to work a full-time job to ensure my livelihood, she added. “My first and main goal with these comics is to educate people, fight misconceptions that we are lazy and should try harder and give Aliens courage and information.”

Scroll down and check out her comics below.