These Heartbreaking Photos Will Inspire You to Adopt a Puppy

Sveta Butko describes herself as a self-taught, professional, child and family photographer who lives in Israel.

About one year ago she volunteered for a for a photo project where she had to photograph abandoned animals for a calendar promoting animal shelters. This heart-breaking project taught her that animals and humans share the same need for love and happiness.

“Abused Doberman, a dog that lost his back legs in a car accident, a blind cat, a very old and abandoned dog – all of them has so different and unique stories, so different and unique lives,” the photographer shared.

“With this project, I wanted to remind that we are so unique but still so similar. All of us are looking for a warm hug, for a loving glance, for true happiness, for a best friend, for real support. We need someone who will take us as we are and will not judge us,” she explained.

Scroll down to check out her endearing photographs.

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I was honored to volunteer in a wonderful project that we make with the animals shelter @lettheanimalslive✨💗 A few months before I was contacted by Vlada – a friend of the shelter for a few years. She offered me to photograph for the shelter for the calendar. I thought: Wow, what an amazing opportunity to express what I always wanted to express with my photography – a tender bond between people and animals. I told that I want to photograph not only animals of the shelter but with people – different people, special people, kids and adults, everybody with his own story of endless love to animals 🐶💓 I advertised the project, a lot of people contacted me. One of them was Dina Aliyev🌸 – amazing woman, strong and tender. You see her on the picture with Ben-Ben, dog that lost his legs in a hard accident. I don't have words to explain the feelings that I live when I look at this picture! I just wanted to say that it doesn't matter who you are, from where you came, what's the color of your skin, you live at home, in cage or in nature – there always will be someone that will need your love, tender and warmth ❣️ Thank you so much for everyone that took a part in this project and especially for Noya! Thank you for your patience and that you helped me with my ideas!🙏💖 Love you all! PS You can donate to the shelter and buy the calendar by the link in my Stories and Highlights. 💙עברית בתגובה הראשונה #instagram_israel #insta_israel #igersisrael @nytimes #israeli_frame #israel_best #israel_times #worldbestgram @instagood #hubs_united #marvelous_shots #majestic_people #kdpeoplegallery #childrenoftheworld #canon_photos #portrait_perfection #photos_dailydose #discoverportrait #expofilm @atmagazine @femail #profile_vision @thetimes #myphotoshop #cpcfeature #WHPresolutions #animalscubs #awesome_photographers #insta_global

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