Photographer Visits Unusual Places Around the Globe

It’s easy to see why Chris Lind’s Instagram account, Unusual Traveler, has amassed 33.9k followers. The part-time traveler, photographer, beer lover, and adventurer from a small town in southern Norway often visits places no-one (or at least very few people) considers going to.

This time he visited the gates to hell in Turkmenistan. “Darvaza Gas Crater is better known as the Gates To Hell. Some people call it the Door To Hell, and it is one of the most remarkable natural sites in Turkmenistan,” Lind shared on Bored Panda.

“The Gates to Hell are famous throughout Central Asia and the rest of the world as one of a kind. It also made a once in a lifetime camping spot. And a place that eventually will disappear in the future.”

Scroll down and check out his Instagram account where he shares his adventures.