Photographer Captures the Magnificent Neon Glow of Hong Kong

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a huge city at its calmest. Hong Kong is always buzzing and super-busy. Photographer Xavier Portela decided to go out at night and give you a sneak peek of how this amazing place looks when it’s almost empty.

He then enhanced the neon lights, creating the wildest, most vibrant images. The photographer plays with saturation and colors to achieve this neon-like magenta and blue effect.

This series is called #HONGKONGGLOW and is a part of Portela’s biggest project called Glow. So far, he’s visited and pictured huge cities such as New York, Tokyo, and Bangkok. These are very dynamic photographs that will give you a sense like you’re present at the lit up square or at the metro station.

Portela left his job in 2012 to become a freelance photographer and filmmaker, and so far he’s been doing amazing things. You can check on some of his work on his Instagram page.