Photographer Captures Motorcycle Deliverers In Vietnam

British photographer Jon Enoch has been capturing motorcycle deliverers in Hanoi, Vietnam for some time now. Two years ago, to combat pollution, the Vietnamese authorities announced they will ban mopeds and motorcycles by 2030 in the capital. Hanoi has seven million residents, five million mopeds and motorcycles, and only 500,000 cars.

According to his personal website, Enoch’s work has earned him widespread recognition, from multiple nominations for Celebrity Photographer of the Year to the Professional Publishers Association’s Best Magazine Cover for his portrait of Paul Gascoigne.

He has been also working with big brand names such as Wiggle, Norwegian Airlines, Sport Magazine, Ketchum, Fabulous, Skoda, The Times, Forever Sports, The RNLI, Philips, EA Sports, Addison Lee, ES Magazine, and The Royal British Legion.

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