Megan Bogonovich Creates Cool Botanical Ceramic Sculptures

Megan Bogonovich creates botanical ceramic sculptures inspired by nature’s ability to adapt to human-made environmental changes. Her works are characterized by bold colors, unusual shapes, and otherwise otherworldly feel. By giving her botanical sculptures strange and playful elements, she tries to imagine the endless possibilities of nature’s creativity.

Because her process was laborious and time-consuming, Bogonovich decided to develop a technique in which she creates smaller molds using various objects and forms. After the molds are finished, she is able to cast different shapes quickly and attach them to the sculpture.

The adjustments not only allowed the artist to work more quickly but also “heightened the oddball-ness of the compositions.” The unpredictable nature of the glazing process also results in unusual and unnatural colors, adding another layer to the whimsicality of the pieces. 

“My instinct as an artist is to work with multiple parts, many bits and pieces, organized intuitively,” Bogonovich shares. “Repetitive additions often result in decorative and embellished surfaces. I like to work in groups and consider the individual pieces to be part of a fluid whole.”

Bogonovich’s works are displayed in multiple art galleries and are often featured at art shows across the United States. The artist also gladly shares her newest creations on social media. Check out more of them below.