Matt Wilson Transforms Metal Utensils Into Majestic Bird Sculptures

Artists often find it challenging to obtain the supplies for their creations. However, for Charleston, South Carolina-based artist Matt Wilson, that isn’t an issue. All he has to do is enter a thrift store, go to the household items section, and pick as many metal utensils as he needs.

Wilson uses these metal utensils to create majestic bird sculptures. In his works, forks, spoons, and knives twist and come together to form kingfishers, sandpipers, hawks, and many other bird species.

With clever placement of the metal utensils and decorative details on their handles, Wilson even manages to recreate the heads of the birds to make them more recognizable. 

According to Wilson, he aims to have his creation serve as “a testimony to the belief of conserving and appreciating our resources.” This is why he only uses secondhand utensils for his sculptures and reclaimed wood for the frameworks on which they find their home. 

“My goal as an artist is to make artwork unlike art people have seen while at the same time recognizable in the identity of everyday materials. I only hope the sculptures will inspire others to appreciate the simple, neglected items from which my creations are born,” Wilson shares on his official website.

Check out more of Wilson’s bird sculptures below.