Marloes De Vries’ Comics Will Lift Your Spirits

Illustrator, author, cartoonist, and designer Marloes De Vries was keen on drawing very early on. So early, in fact, that by the age of 4 she declared she wanted to be a painter, proving her passion was more than a passing fad by making her mark – on the walls. As a little girl, she’d make robots out of shoe boxes and toilet rolls and would grab every piece of paper available in the house so she could draw.

At age 18, she was accepted to the ArtEZ School of Arts in Enschede, where she studied visual communication from 2003 to 2007. But according to De Vries, her desire to switch to illustration was cut short due to bureaucratic reasons and the off-putting opinions of some overly critical teachers. And so, after graduating she worked as a graphic designer, art director, and photographer for several years, before taking the leap in 2010 and working as an illustrator. This decision turned out to be the best she’s ever made.

Working as a freelance illustrator and writer, most of De Vries’ time is spent on creating illustrations for magazines, publishers and businesses. Her favourites jobs include designing book covers and creating editorial illustrations for magazines. She also does a lot of writing.

But it is her comics strips that have fully caught our attention. Since 2016, De Vries makes a monthly cartoon for the union magazine NT Magazine, and writes articles about self-development for Charlie Magazine and Flow. She also makes a monthly cartoon for the women’s magazine Flair. In 2018, she was asked to develop a new weekly comic strip for the girls’ magazine Tina. “A dream come true,” according to her since she used to be an avid Tina reader.

Her comics are relatable without being too much on the nose. We highly recommend you join her growing fanbase on Instagram.