Marc Conlan’s Illustrations Are Simply Addicting

Mark Conlan is a multi-disciplined illustrator from Dublin, Ireland who is now working and living in Melbourne. His original work has made him an important designer influencer.

Through the years, he has developed conceptual-based illustrations for products, editorial, publishing, and advertising campaigns for clients all over the world.

His style is based on a strong use of character and composition. Even though his style is quite minimal, he succeeds in evoking emotions. As we all know, an effective minimalistic approach in style requires great mastery – and Mark’s art has it.

His use of rich and vibrant color palettes is very pleasing on the eye, and the atmospheric imagery that he creates lingers on like an impression of stamps on paper.

A simple and happy life seems to be his main motif, as you will often see little happy characters or an array of plants and foliage making an appearance throughout his work.
Visit his Instagram for a daily dose of happiness.