Lacy Barry’s Paper Art Is Ahead of the Curve

An “over-active” imagination in her childhood meant paper artist Lacy Barry grew up constantly looking for new, original ways to artistically express herself. As a child, she worked as the unofficial apprentice of her father – a sign-painter and artist who hand-lettered signs for film sets and businesses.

“My tasks included cleaning brushes and fetching 8 cups of coffee a day until I was skilled enough hold a quill and grace it like a pro,” she recalled in an interview with Bravery Training. “Taking on some sign-painting gigs on my own, I scraped together enough to enroll in a graphic design course and a part-time business class.”

Without so much experience in paper, but previous set experience, graphic design education, and some hard-earned business acumen, she took to paper art like a fish to water. “It wasn’t long until I was working with a fleet of photographers and directors in the inner circles of Montreal and eventually New York.”

Now a full-time paper artist and designer, she utilizes her creative energy by creating anything from paper art installations and set designs to props, and even apparel. Take a look at some of her more original designs in the gallery below: