Gabor Nagy Captures Stunning Aerial Photos of Iceland

Iceland is one of the most popular travel destinations for 2019. Photographer Gabor Nagy’s obsession with everything nature took him on a journey through this stunning country.

The photographer used a drone to capture jaw-dropping aerial shots. Nagy comes from Hungary, a country that is not really recognizable for its mountains. That is probably one of the main reasons why he was so fascinated with the heights of Iceland.

“I love to document how the weather and the seasons affect the landscape,” Nagy said in an interview with My Modern Met. “In autumn, I capture the diversity of the colors; then in winter, I capture the lack of the colors. It’s a game that requires perfect timing, preparation, and dedication because everything happens so quickly that I can easily miss the perfect colors or conditions if my calculations went wrong. From a psychological standpoint, in winter, my relationship with nature is more intimate, because as the cold pierces into my body, I can feel my presence in nature much better.”

Check out some of his incredible photos.