Bridgette Whitney is Helping People Turn Their Homes Into a Colorful Paradise

After years of minimalist Nordic décor ruling the world, maximalism is finally having its moment. Bridgette Whitney is one of the interior decorators putting this trend on the map, and she enjoys helping people turn their homes into a colorful paradise.

Whitney made quite a splash on TikTok since she started sharing her work with the world, attracting almost 400,000 followers, in addition to 120,000 more on Instagram. On her official website, she describes herself as a funky, colorful, and wild interior decorator, on a mission to create spaces that are unique and full of character.

Whitney also says she’s a fan of vibrant murals, disco balls, colorful furniture, patterns, and irregular shapes—and it shows! These elements can be found in pretty much every room she decorated in the past, and they give them a retro, maximalist feel.

Whitney also claims she strives to inspire her clients “to express themselves by going bold with their space because life’s too short to stay in your comfort zone.” The list of her clients is pretty impressive and it includes Brew -N- Krew Ale House in Salinas, California, in addition to several beautifully decorated Airbnbs scattered everywhere from Nashville to San Diego.