This Artist Captures Breathtaking Photos of the Human Eye

Photographer Suren Manvelyan is a self-taught artist who started taking photos at the age of 16. He focuses on portraits, macro photography, landscape, and creative photo projects. Most of his work has been published worldwide in newspapers and magazines.

His recent work is a popular series of the human eye. He titled it “Your Beautiful Eyes,” and his pictures capture the beauty of the human eye and its intricacies. The pupil can even be compared to a black hole. Every picture he takes is unique, and this shows how diverse we are as humans.
He is currently working on another eye-popping series for animals as well.

When Suren is not taking pictures, he teaches geometry, physics, mathematics as well as astronomy, at the Yerevan Waldorf School. Most of his work is posted on his Instagram page and his website.

Scroll below to see some of his amazing work.