Artist Makes Tarot Deck Cards by Photographing Herself

Image via wild_empress on Instagram

Vanessa Skotnitsky is a photographer who loves taking photos of herself. But why is she special, you might wonder? Well, because the self-portrait artist came up with an idea to create a tarot deck by photographing only herself.

In her work, she mostly uses DIY props, but sometimes she has a hard time finding creative solutions, like representing the lion in the strength card.

“I wanted this deck to be saturated with the self,” Skotnitsky said. “I have striven to be the sole ‘creator’ by only using myself as a model, to achieve this I have had to use makeup, wigs, costume and Photoshop to morph myself into different characters that represent the energy and themes of each card.”

Do you use tarot cards to help you find answers to your questions?