Artist Added Smiles to Famous Paintings to Make Them Look Happy

Polish artist Bibi and Jacob, better known for their artistic name Koty 2, gained public attention a few months ago when they started fusing famous Renaissance paintings with their fashion photography. The duo is now back with another interesting and clever project that is as mind-blowing as the last one.

The photographers are using photo manipulation to add smiles to some famous and classic paintings and the results are amazing.

How did they come up with this idea?

“Most of the famous paintings are extremely sad. No one in the pictures smiles, except for Mona Lisa who has a slight smile. We wanted to see what the most famous paintings would look like with smiles. Using AI, we tried to add a smile to the pictures and we like these smiling versions of paintings more than the classic ones,” the duo shared with Bored Panda.

Now we have the unique opportunity to see these painting in a totally different and, dare we say, happier light.

“There is nothing like a smile – so smile more,” said the duo.

Use the arrows to scroll through these delightful images and enjoy Koty 2’s works.

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