Adele Renault’s Large-Scale Plant Murals Bring Booming Life to Urban Landscapes

Adele Renault is a Belgian painter and muralist who creates large-scale plant murals that bring booming life to urban landscapes. Her artworks transform mundane areas like garages and city blocks into inviting spaces that you don’t want to just pass through.

From the very beginnings of her artistic journey, Renault has been drawing inspiration from the world that surrounds her and is fascinated by mundane subjects. According to the artist, she is able to see beauty in everything and believes that beauty can be found in places people least expect.

This kind of approach led Renault to start exploring plants as a subject of her artworks and it soon became the focal point of her creative endeavor.

“I spend more time looking at plants from up close, and so I end up painting plants. But it’s not an overnight decision. The seed was planted a long time ago, quite literally,” Renault shared in an interview with Brooklyn Street Art.

Renault’s large-scale plant murals featuring leaves, thick grass, or cacti have found their place all over the world, including Sweden, Belgium, France, and the United States. She is also creating similar works on canvas that are bringing greenery to art galleries.

Check out more of Renault’s works below.