A Modern Way to Tell a Story, Through the Creative Mind of Bethany Bickley

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much is an intricate sculptured illustration worth?

Bethany Bickley is an incredibly innovative designer, always pushing the boundaries and testing her own personal creative limits. “I’m a creative problem solver who brings words and visuals together to tell a story with impact and purpose. If there are no visuals, I create them,” Bickley wrote on her official website.

She’s known for telling visual stories through her emotionally driven pop-up art, and her rare and unique presentation style.

So, what exactly makes Bickley’s artwork so unique?

By either using a combination of different mediums or just the book pages, she creates 3D visual representations of novels and stories. In fact, she really enjoys adding watercolors to her artwork to really bring the piece to life. But just like any true artist, her inspiration is always ignited by her own personal emotion to each piece.

What really takes her artwork to the next level, though, is how much thought, precision, and attention to detail is put into each and every piece. From choosing the wording on the sculptures that are visible to the audience, to the colors she picks to paint with, each and every detail is well-thought-out and serves a meaning.

Check out her very first piece from almost a decade ago!

But book sculptures aren’t all she’s been up to. It turns out this innovative artist’s passion for design and illustration has taken her to new career paths she never would’ve imagined. “I’ve been stretching myself in new ways. I’ve designed pitch decks for investors, maps for hospitals, and, for the first time, I was the photographer behind my book sculptures,” Bickley writes on her blog.