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HD Wallpaper Collections

HD Wallpaper Collections

Here Is a Collection Of HD Wallpaper Collections For Desktops, Laptops,  mobiles And Tablets. Here at 5dwallpaper.com, there are more than hundreds of thousand Wallpapers are available to download. You Can Download Every Wallpaper For free.

If You Set these HD Wallpapers As Your Background Wallpaper For Your For Desktops or Laptops or Tablets or For Mobiles, That Will Give a Further More good Look For Your Device, Wallpaper Collections Available at 5Dwallpaper.com Will Perfectly Fit For the Following Screen Resolutions.


HD Wallpaper Collections

HD Wallpaper Collections




Sighisoara-Town-Sibiu-County-Romania wallpaper hd




Ice-Lamp-Art-Wallpaper-HD 3d good

HD Wallpaper Collections


HD Wallpaper Collections

HD Wallpaper Collections






broken cd-cool-pictures-for-wallpaper-hd


black-wallpaper-hd Enter button keyboard

HD Wallpaper Collections


HD Wallpaper Collections

HD Wallpaper Collections





Available wallpaper Sizes by Screen Resolution:

1366×768 Wallpaper, 1920×1080 Wallpaper, 1280×800 Wallpaper, 1440×900 Wallpaper

Little info about HD

JPEG XR  (abbr. for JPEG extended range ) is a still-image compression standard and file format for continuous tone photographic images, based on technology originally developed and patented by Microsoft under the name HD Photo (formerly Windows Media Photo). It supports both lossy and lossless compression, and is the preferred image format for Ecma-388 Open XML Paper Specification documents.

JPEG XR’s design is conceptually very similar to JPEG: the source image is optionally converted to a luma-chroma colorspace, the chroma planes are optionally subsampled, each plane is divided into fixed-size blocks, the blocks are transformed into the frequency domain, and the frequency coefficients are quantized and entropy coded. Major differences include the following:

JPEG supports bit depths of 8 and 12 bits; JPEG XR supports bit depths of up to 32 bits. JPEG XR also supports lossless and lossy compression of floating-point image data (by representing the floating-point values in an IEEE 754-like format, and encoding them as though they were integers) and RGBE imagery.
JFIF and other typical image encoding practices specify a linear transformation from RGB to YCbCr, which is slightly lossy in practice because of roundoff error. JPEG XR specifies a lossless colorspace transformation, given (for RGB)

Article Source : WikiPedia

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